Strong Industry Exposure

IAM’s objective is to prepare students for middle and higher management positions in a booming sector of International Hospitality and Tourism. To achieve this one of the important focus of the program is to provide opportunity for internship abroad. With years of strong experience in hospitality education the institute is ready to dispense an internationally oriented education, focusing on the balance between academic theory and practical professional experience. Institutes strong network and international links forged over a period serves to secure opportunities of training with branded hospitality chains in countries like USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand and Dubai . Such training does not only make the student aware of the international practices and standards while strengthening his professional skills but also enriches him culturally and makes him a confident global citizen. While on training students have opportunity to earn a reasonable stipend . Depending upon the policy of the hotel under which he is training he may also be entitled to accommodation . The moment a student enters IAM , he becomes a part of strong network that exchanges job  opportunities. International internship enhances the employability of a student while he is looking for a job abroad.